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in MapleStory Announcements Sat Apr 17, 2010 3:43 pm
by Admin • 2 Posts

Hi Everyone!:cool

This is my recruitment thread for my new MapleStory private server I am making called EliteMS. This is a v75 server that I am hard at work making. I hope to get this server to be active, fun and one of the best. I hope to fully make the server public once I have finished some coding and general adjustments. But To really make fast and good progress I will need a strong team of dedicated, lively, active people who would be able to work as a team to get this done. All team members if requested will receive SuperGM status in game and will also receive a high status in our forums. This is a good opportunity for the talented, bored or even people who are just experts at the MapleStory game to use their talent for a good purpose

I will now state some of the jobs available. Under each job I will write some things in which we look for in people for that particular job. If you have some or most of the features stated under the job then you could be able to be in charge of that area for EliteMS.[/SIZE]

Web Developers

[*]Should be able to type in fluent English
[*]Should have experience in the web designing area
[*]Should have some experience in editing images
[*]Should have knowledge of organizing web pages properly for a neat and consistent website
[*]Should be able to produce creative web designs
[*]Should be able to update frequently

Game Masters

[*]Should be able to speak fluent English
[*]Should have some past experience
[*]Should have some creative event ideas
[*]Should have good sense of judgment for offenders
[*]Should have familiarity and experience with on line games and policies
[*]Should be able to assist players when necessary
[*]Should have patience
[*]Should have good verbal skills
[*]Should be able to socialize and be friendly[/SIZE]

Graphics designer

[*]Should have some experience
[*]Should be able to show examples/proof
[*]Should be creative
[*]Should be good with programs like photoshop

Experienced Forum Moderators

[*]Should be able to speak fluent English
[*]Should be friendly, kind and helpful
[*]Should be active
[*]Should be experienced in using forums


[*]Should be able to speak fluent English
[*]Should be able to show examples of work
[*]Should have advertising ideas


[*]Should be able to code properly
[*]Should be able to use NetBeans
[*]Should be able to show proof/examples of work[/SIZE]

These are only some of the jobs available for people to do, but if you think you can help or contribute to EliteMS in anyway then feel free to apply and I will make sure I get back to you. If you have any further questions then you can either ask me via this thread, email/MSN or PM.[/SIZE]

Application Form

Full Name:
Job you want to do:
Past Experiences:
Are you Able to give examples/proof (if yes please show):
Are you able to give ideas of how you will contribute to EliteMS (If yes please tell):
Why should I choose you over other people that apply:
If you want to contact me via MSN or email then send me your email address:[/PHP]

Please fill in the application form appropriately and post in this thread

Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you.:thumbup1:[/SIZE]

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