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6.0 Runescape PVP keen thief entry: talent and skill Detailed property

in General Discussion Fri Feb 05, 2016 6:26 am
by Sheldon Thomas • 4 Posts

keen thief Runescape PVP 6.0 Getting Started: talent and skill attributes Detailed summary: Runescape 6.0 6.0 Runescape PVP keen thief entry from foreign players AJ Dancing in Shadow of PVP was a thief know labels, small thieves are just getting started can learn about. Hello everyone, I'm Jack, a late start of the game since WLK thieves players, Deadman Gold because the money bought a computer, the card does not work, so before last season I only play PVP ~ I basically just gave me both in MOP The first thief to get Gladiator title, I usually communicate in Elwynn Forest and other thieves players, so I now can have a direct figure out where they have any questions. The author is a European service of a thief, 22 2470,33 2949,55 2571, the rating 2520 Why should we choose a keen talent keen keen is a very dependent on long CD skill talent, every minute, we can play tons of damage and can result in a stable halo lock. Fighting the battle now is probably the most powerful talent, it can cause huge damage, and also has 6-10S kidney shot (of course, he has passed away now 8S kidney, Wu Nian) and not long cooling. Assassination Assassination is now a simple and crude talent, but compared with the sharp, it does not cause greater harm, so there will not be considered. What changes in skills removed / took place is not sufficient author listed here, I re-edited a bit. [Integration] [Shadow Blade], [Disarm Trap], [demolition], [shift], [armor] and [paralytic poison] have been removed. [Integration] [combo point] now follow the player when you do not have to worry about losing the handover target combo point. To avoid thieves players feel too sudden, all combo points are still displayed in the target avatar. [Talent] [cunning] no longer remain in stealth mode so that thieves. [Keen] [Honor Among Thieves] can now be obtained from melee critical strike combo point to make it more valuable when you fight alone.

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