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Recommended lineup fight it spiritual sword

in General Discussion Thu Mar 17, 2016 1:44 am
by fifa0566 • 9 Posts

In the spirit sword fighting it, the assassin of the profession who is the absolute output capacity. Assassin release special skills and will attack their own positive enemies. Assassins are generally crispy seconds and nurse the players, but the sub-Jun little special. We take a look at the sub-Jun lineup with and resolve it.

Fight it with the sword spiritual son Jun lineup:

Juggernaut dry sub-Jun + + + Lung Kai Cheng Hong Heilong +

Team Analysis:

Sub-Jun is a Class A card, available in copy shops and treasure hunts, and even small R players civilian players can get just a matter of time. Jun child assassin is rather special one, because she is the front group to attack the assassin, eliminate all enemies strengthening effect. This card is not for the nurse, but for the nurse to be reinforced or have resistance shield human shields in the front row. 2,3-position can be placed on the front, broken against each other as human shields in the front row, in preparation for another three outputs. In addition, the sub-Jun also belong to a weak stream, and the other three outputs can play even strokes Legit BNS gold store

Juggernaut is dry first week of March check-hero, almost everybody has one. Juggernaut first skill will be able to reduce the defense, dodge and parry the ability to take the initiative and play weak for subsequent strokes even fully prepared to do. Juggernaut meat itself is semi-half output, and sub-Jun together in 2.3, pretty safe.

Heilong also send wrestlers to sign in March, strong human shields. Can improve the defense front, the Juggernaut dry and sub-Jun is also more than add a layer of protection.

Long Cheng Kai and the rest of the macro itself is a weak flow, the entire lineup hit combo is still very powerful Legit BNS gold store

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