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Optical distribution box anchored inside

in Welcome...Farewell... Thu Apr 13, 2017 7:24 am
by WilliamNance • 9 Posts

Fiber cables arise with 3mm jacket, Kevlar courage affiliate and 0.9mm absorber coating. To get to the 0.125mm fiber cladding, you charge to abolish the 3mm anorak with a Ftth Box anorak stripper, afresh cut the Kevlar fibers with a Kevlar cutter, assuredly band the 0.9mm absorber down to 0.125mm cladding with a fiber optic stripper.

After stripping the fiber down to 0.125mm cladding, you admit the fiber into a SC, ST or LC connector, and afresh inject some fiber optic adhesive into the adapter with a syringe.

You will afresh lay the adapter into a hot oven to cure the fiber adhesive so it can authority the fiber tightly.

After the abating process, you carve other fibers from the adapter tip with a fiber optic cleaver.

In the next step, you put the adapter (already with optical distribution box anchored inside) into a duke cutting puck, which serves as a accoutrement while you brightness the end face of the adapter to get a top superior mirror like finish.

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