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Important Jobs April 14 Cheap San Antonio Spurs Jerseys , 2013 | Author: Carey Bourdier | Posted in Education
We have all seen people conducting land or road surveys, looking through equipment and perhaps taking notes. While this is a type of surveying that is commonly seen, it is by no means the only kind of task accomplished by surveyors. Each of these types of surveying has its own unique importance.

Engineering surveyors accomplish a multitude of important tasks. Before every road, house, bridge and skyscraper are built, surveyors are on the job measuring the grade and slope of the land, setting boundary lines and ensuring that the ground and foundations of structures are level. Roads must be graded and sloped properly in order to be safe, and a surveyor helps with this, as well. They use tools such as theodolites, clinometers, tripods, levels and sometimes a total station, which includes a theodolite and an electronic distance meter.

An engineering surveyor is sometimes also called a land surveyor, but a true land surveyor is probably more concerned with setting boundaries and helping to create precise maps. A land surveyor might also be a cartographer, which is a professional mapmaker who might create many different types of maps, from road maps to physical or topographic maps.

The mining industry also relies on surveyors for several tasks. Generally, a mine surveyor probably has a degree in mining and mineral engineering. These surveyors create maps for where the mine should be located, and these are maps both for the surface and underground. Surveyors might be on hand all the time during a mining project to take daily records or to help make design or construction changes on an as-need basis. Those who earn a degree in mining will take classes such as mining engineering Cheap Spurs Jerseys , geology, chemistry and metallurgy. Mining engineers use tools such as a total station, a phototheodolite and other photogrammetric instruments.

Surveyors certainly don’t just work on land; their skills are need for oceanic endeavors, as well. Hydrographic surveyors use many different types of electronic surveying equipment, alidades, three-arm protractors and surveyor’s compasses to complete their tasks. These tasks include helping with dredging operations, finding natural resources offshore and creating navigational maps for both ships and underwater crafts.

They also help with the construction of bridges over water, dredging operations, mining operations and the building of harbors, docks and piers. Surveyors are invaluable for water-related construction as they can ensure that projects are built safely and that they are securely anchored into the sea, river or lake floor.

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