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intent to distribute more than five kilos of yeyo.

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by anyway • 191 Posts

mistake when choosing and building their business. They focus too much of their attention on all the wrong things. Let me explain. Often times Wholesale Jerseys From China , when potential distributors are searching for an mlm opportunity all they can think about is the top-notch, revolutionary products that Herbalife offers, or maybe it's the one-of-a-kind compensation plan that will finally help them achieve financial freedom. Now don't get me wrong, these things are important and should factor into their decision, but they shouldn't be the first things on their list.

You see, the most important thing a distributor can think about when choosing and building a successful business is the marketing aspect. The products and comp plan need to take a back seat to their marketing efforts. Because marketing is really the only way they'll really be able to expand their Herbalife home business. Too often, distributors go jumping around from company to company chasing after the latest and greatest products only to fail with each new attempt. They shouldn't wonder why they aren't successful.

It's like McDonald's, you know the fast-food restaurant that is on every street corner in America, and even across the world. How many people out there could make a better-tasting hamburger than they could? I can think of a few people, myself included. Why then Wholesale Jerseys China , is McDonald's a multi-billion dollar company? Do you see my point? A lot of people can come up with a great product, in fact it could be the best. But it all comes down to how you market your product. You can have the most effective, groundbreaking product in the world, but if you're not using effective marketing no one will know and no one will care. An effective sales and marketing system is by far the most important factor to any business, and should take top priority for anyone who wants to be a successful network marketer.

A lot of Herbalife distributors fail to realize that marketing and sales is the only activity in their business that's bringing in cash. Everything else uses up that cash. Herbalife products, the compensation plan, corporate teams, upline sponsors, these are all important, but they don't generate any kind of revenue. They aren't income-producing aspects of their business. Take away sales Wholesale Jerseys , and they wouldn't even have a business!

Herbalife can have the greatest products, and the most breath-taking compensation plan available, but if distributors aren't moving any product or closing any prospects, there isn't much to compensate. Think about this for a minute. People will make a lot more money with an average product and an incredible marketing system than they would with an incredible product and an average marketing system.

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